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Their Advice on Teenage Addiction Is of Great Help to Parents

Many children struggle with an addiction to drugs. When parents realize there is an issue, they wonder what steps they should take. The first thing every parent needs to realize is any child may become addicted to drugs. If they refuse to see the negative consequences of their drug use, the problem is that they are likely addicted. Parents need to be aware of the warning signs and know where to seek help if they see the child can no longer control their actions, as they have let drugs overtake their life.

Warning signs parents need to be looking for include new friends or the child withdrawing from the family and their favorite activities. A child may always be tired or show signs of depression when they are using drugs, and they often become hostile. Children may begin to neglect their physical appearance when they are using drugs, and they may start skipping school or get in trouble with the law. Parents often wonder if the signs they are seeing are normal teenage behavior, but if there is any doubt, an outside opinion needs to be sought.

Children struggle to beat the addiction on their own, as the drug use leads to changes in the brain. These changes limit their ability to quit, and they affect numerous aspects of the person’s life. Their judgment may be impaired or they may be unable to make decisions. Memory and learning are affected, and they are no longer able to control their behavior. Even when a child wants to quit using their drug of choice, they may find they cannot.

Make an appointment with the child’s doctor. During this visit, discuss any concerns about drug use the parent has. The doctor can screen the child for drug use and determine which substances are present in the system. He or she can also make recommendations on treatment centers. In addition, parents can also contact treatment centers directly or speak to an addiction specialist.

One thing many parents do is speak to other parents who have been in a similar situation. Although this can be of help, as the parents know they aren’t alone, this often isn’t the best way to choose a treatment center. Each drug comes with its own challenges, and parents need to understand that what works for one child may not be suitable for another. Read their advice on teenage addiction for more information.